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Mucha Mama Hypnobirthing Course

This practical hypnobirthing course give you the tools and techniques for a better birth. Many different exercises such as deep breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, self hypnosis, affirmations, visualisations, birthplan, birth positions, massage and much more will be covered during this course. “The birth was very smooth and positive. I was able to focus well because of the techniques and my husband was able to coach me well during the contractions. Thanks for everything!“ Before the course After registration you can already learn the basis of hypnobirthing together by watching a few hypnobirthing videos in the comfort of your own home. There are also 5 different hypnobirthing MP3 sessions for you to listen to, to help release tension, increase confidence and exercise relaxation. Also included is an Ebook which explains even further why women experience pain and how you can avoid it, which hormones work for you and which ones work against you. An interesting and informative eBook to help you prepare. During the course During the hypnobirthing course the focus will be mainly on the enjoyable and practical exercises. In this way you will both learn how to deepen relaxation, how to personalise the breathing exercises for even more effectiveness. Also a range of relaxation techniques will ensure positive subconscious programming en preparation in order for both of you to manage the contractions and birth in the best way. Tips and ideas will be shared with you and of course the birth plan, massage and pushing techniques are included. After the course Even after the course we will be able to give you support, especially in case of a breech position of your baby or an impending induction. We have a 5-step plan and hypnosis sessions to help you in both cases. This is only available to people who have attended a course. Learn the ‘mind-tools’ to enter your birth more aware, stronger and more confident..... Our hypnobirthing course is supported by online videolessons, 5 hypnobirthing MP3s, a hypnobirthing eBook, a practise folder, birth plan, exercise overview and many extras.

Step 1:


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Stap 2:

Enjoy the 

exercises & tools

during the course

Stap 3:

Apply the techniques

during birth and

everyday life

 INCLUDED IN ALL OUR COURSES: 1-day or 2-sessions hypnobirthing course (for 2 people) Downloadable coursematerials (accessable immediately) o Course videos (downloadable or online) o Hypnobirthing MP3s (downloadable or online) o Hypnobirthing boek (downloadable or online) Birthplan Exercise folder Exercise table
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FREE SESSION  1 hour of personal hypnobirthing advice and tips. By phone or through Skype Algarve:  Address: Hypnobirthing Studio, Rua de Escola – Lote 5A - Olhos de Agua, Albufeira  
PRIVATE COURSE  Learn beautiful tools and techniques during this lovely private 1-day course taking place in the privacy of your own home For more information contact Madelon 00351 968729603 INCLUDED IN ALL OUR COURSES: 1-day hypnobirthing course (for 2 people) Downloadable coursematerials (accessable immediately o Course videos (downloadable or online) o Hypnobirthing MP3s (downloadable or online) o Hypnobirthing Boek (downloadable or online) Birthplan Exercise folder Exercise table
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DATES 1-day courses: Thursday - 7 January 2021 Thursday - 4 February 2021 Thursday - 4 March 2021 Thursday - 8 April 2021 Thursday - 6 May 2021 Thursday - 24 June 2021 Thursday - 23 September 2021 Friday - 14 October 2021 Thursday - 18 November 2021 Thursday - 9 December 2021 Time: 9.30 am to 5 pm DATES 1-day SOLO course (women only)  Until further notice - up on request Time: 9:30 am to 4.30 pm DATES 2-day course (with partner) Times: 9.30 am to 1 pm Courses divided over 2 half-day sessions are available upon request, just email us to arrange: madelon@muchamama.pt
Price:  € 239 now only   € 195
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