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About Us - Madelon

Unlock the power of birth within you!

As we all know, millions of women give birth every day. Unfortunately a lot of them have a pretty negative experience filled with pain, exhaustion and disappointment. We help you have a positieve experience! This course has been succesfull for over 15 years in teaching pregnant women and their partners how they can help their body and their mind in having a better birth. Meet Madelon Madelon Cabrita, is  a certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner, and a happy Dutch mother of two beautiful children. For several years her home is Olhos de Agua, Algarve, Portugal.  She made it her mission to spread the word and educate expat woman in Portugal about the amazing benefits of Hypnobirthing. My own birth experience of my son with hypnobirthing is amazing. I had a great pregnancy and felt totally relaxed, I was joyful giving birth and due to my best possible way to get prepared I had all the knowledge to make empowered decisions. For me and my husband this was the best birthing experience, compared to the first birth experience of our daughter where we were not prepared at all. I find it intriguing how I was able to experience such a big difference between my two birth experiences in the same hospital; one; cesarean operation feeling overwhelmed with fear and panic versus the second; Vbac birth feeling confident and loving. It is a great gift and I am honored to explain the difference and make it my mission to listen to you, care for your birth experience, and educate you in order to make your own empowered decisions to create the birth that you want. Hypnobirthing fits me perfectly; it´s philosophy of taking fear out of birth by teaching simple technique is close to my heart. I believe that women know how to birth easily and calm, and that babies know how to be born, it is all in our DNA. So let´s trust nature, our bodies and our babies and assist where necessary with mindfulness. I give hypnobirthing classes in Olhos de Agua – Portugal with all my passion. I am excited to meet you and coach you taking your first steps on this amazing journey in the wonderful world of birth.
“I was amazed at how my mind made me experience this birth in such a different way than last time. I was able to give my body room to do what is natural, even after my Csection, I ended up having an empowering, beautiful birth i am looking forward in helping you find your inner power......” Madelon


Meet Helianthe Helianthe Rusken DCH DHP MBIH is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Qualified HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Hypnobirthing trainer and author. Helianthe has great energy and a lively manner. She teaches with passion and  loves showing couples how to achieve an easier, positive birth. She has over 14 years of  experience as the one of the first European HypnoBirthing Practitioners. Helianthe has also trained medical staff at the hospital and organises clinical lessons for other birth professionals. Birth is powerful Let is empower you! Since moving back to her home country she has set up Mucha Mama to inspire couples in having a better experience of birth. She has used the hypnobirthing tools and techniques with the birth of both of her sons.  As she had never given birth before and was affected by friends and families’ negative  birth stories, she was still somewhat sceptical and still not 100% sure whether the birth  could be something different than what you see in most movies. By practising the  breathing techniques, listening to the CD and following the program, her first son was  born in hospital without drugs or intervention, a natural birth that took only just under 4  hours. The second time she was pregnant she decided to give birth at home and gave  birth naturally to her second son in a record-time of 1,5  hours. She really believes that  following the program and adjusting her belief made all the difference and if she hadn’t  prepared in such way, her births would have been completely different Helianthe has so far helped thousands of women give birth in a better way and would love to share hypnobirthing with you. Even when things don’t go according plan, it is important to have the tools to stay calm and be in control of the experience.